Be a Magician DVD With Darren Robinson


Learn 16 easy to do magic tricks!

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Have you ever wanted to learn magic tricks?

Welcome to ‘Be a Magician’, the brilliant DVD that teaches you 16 amazing, easy to do magic tricks!

Using everyday objects such as Playing Cards, Finger Rings, Coins, Rubber Bands, Matchboxes and Cups, Darren Robinson will teach you how to be a Master Magician.

Become the next Dynamo and fool your family and friends with this great DVD.

All the tricks are designed to be baffling, yet extremely easy to do.


Find The Lady
The Vanishing Coin
The Four Ace Trick
Reading Your Mind
Jumping Rubber Band
The Haunted Finger Ring
Jumping Jacks
The Balancing Glass
The Cups & Balls
Water to Ice
Matchbox Prediction

And more.

Shot in High Definition with interactive menus.
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