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Looking for something special for your party?

Darren is the ultimate party entertainer and 100% guaranteed to amaze your family and friends! Your guests will think Darren is just a guest who can do amazing things!

Darren will mingle with your party guests, whether standing or seated and perform amazing sleight of hand magic and mind reading. His magic is the perfect ice- breaker and creates a great talking point for any party.

Whether your party is in a marquee, hotel, restaurant or at home, Darren’s magic will guarantee your party is talked about for years to come. Perfect for birthday’s (adult), dinner parties, anniversaries, BBQ, christenings, charity events or small intimate family celebrations.

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Darren Robinson Party Magician

That Room

That room is a mini cabaret and close up style magic show. It creates a real buzz at your party as guests don’t know what is happening in That Room!

Its great for house parties, Corporate events, wedding’s or any type of event. All that is required is a separate room not being used for the party. No one except the organisers know what is going to happen in the room. The room is set up with 10- 15 chairs and guests are invited to enter in small groups to watch a performance of magic that lasts about 10- 15 minutes or longer depending on the number of guests. After the performance the group then re- joins the rest of the party but they are told to keep their experience in That Room a secret! This generates a real atmosphere of mystery, excitement and anticipation for everyone else.

The main benefits of That Room are that it allows everyone to witness the performance properly in an intimate setting. During the show Darren can also perform some cabaret style magic as well as close up magic, this would normally not be possible in a regular close up magic situation.

If you want something different your guest will talk about for a long time, why not try, That Room?