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Master Magician Darren Robinson - Blackpool and Lytham St Anne's best Close up magician / Table magician.
If you are looking for magician hire, Darren Performs all over the UK including,
Magician Yorkshire | Magician Lancashire | Magician London | Magician Liverpool | Magician Preston | Magician Manchester
Magician Blackpool | Magician Lytham

Great entertainment for weddings, civil partnerships, christenings, birthdays, anniversaries, Corporate events, Celebrations, Christmas parties, Bar mitzvah's, Award evenings, Award dinners, product launches and private house parties.

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Be A Magician DVD Starring Darren Robinson

Welcome to ‘Be a Magician’, the brilliant DVD that teaches you 16 amazing, easy to do magic tricks!

Using everyday objects such as Playing Cards, Finger Rings, Coins, Rubber Bands, Matchboxes and Cups, Darren Robinson will teach you how to be a Master Magician.

Become the next Dynamo and fool your family and friends with this great DVD.
All the tricks are designed to be baffling, yet extremely easy to do.


Find The Lady
The Vanishing Coin
The Four Ace Trick
Reading Your Mind
Jumping Rubber Band
The Haunted Finger Ring
Jumping Jacks
The Balancing Glass
The Cups & Balls
Water to Ice
Matchbox Prediction

And more.

Shot in High Definition with interactive menus. Worldwide Playback

Only £8.00
Including FREE worldwide delivery

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Magic Cards

These magic cards allow you to perform several amazing easy to do card tricks!

Show a regular deck of cards, a card is chosen. The entire deck now changes to the chosen card!

A card can be chosen and lost in the deck. Someone can name any number. You count down to this number and it is the selected card!

Many more great effects possible.

Complete with instructions for 10 great tricks!

Only £5.00
Including FREE worldwide delivery

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The World Famous 3 Card Trick

The classic three card trick!

The magician displays three cards. One red and two black. The red card has a red back and the other two have blue backs.

No matter how hard they try, the spectators can not find the red card - because it vanishes and in its place is found a blank card!!

No sleight of hand involved. Perform it nearly immediately after opening the package!

Only £4.00
Including FREE worldwide delivery

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Darren Robinson Magician
Custom Branded Playing Cards

A deck of poker size playing cards branded with the Darren Robinson Magician Logo.

52 regular playing card faces and two jokers. Smooth linen finish.

Only £8.00
Including FREE worldwide delivery

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